Interdisciplinary field that deals with the graphic representation of data and information.


Machine learning algorithms, capturing and translating data patterns into actionable evidence


Deep Learning

Machine learning technique that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans


Artificial Intelligence

The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

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Starting on 17th of June 2023

Data Science Mentorship Program

Our mission is to build a strong network of Nigerians in technology who inspire and support one another in their efforts to innovate and develop the African continent through technology. We are providing a free annual mentoring program for Nigerians to benefit from other Africans working in national and international institutions.

Starting from 5th - 19th February, 2023

WiDS Nigeria Datathon

​The WiDS Datathon is an initiative to provide a platform for data science enthusiasts to learn, apply and hone their data science skills through the social impact challenges presented to them. Participants are trained and mentored by partners, ambassadors, and data enthusiasts.

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Our Mentors

Support Data Science Enthusiast

We are the gateway to a world of opportunities, connecting Africans with top-tier technology experts, fostering a supportive community, unlocking job prospects, and opening doors to a realm of limitless possibilities.

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Learn at a WiDS Workshop

Up-level your data science skills. Learn from our WiDS Conference videos led by excellent data science practitioners.

What We Do

  • Annual WiDS regional Conference
  • Data Science Mentorship Program
  • Annual Data Science Datathon
  • Upskill Workshop

Our Past Event


Happy audience!

We give our best to make you happy!

Attendance at this event is open to data scientists of all genders working in the industry or academia, and to advanced degree students in relevant fields.

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I look forward to next year!

Data Science Engineer

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WiDS has helped in creating networks with peers across industries which is valuable in developing how we create value from data, also outside the events. We look forward to continuing to attend and contribute to this community.



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It is always a joy to attend the WiDS events and inspiring to hear from others and see the engagement in the discussions that follow. it has also been a great arena to present projects and concepts and get feedback and interest from a talented and diverse group of people.




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